B2B without Marketing
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The only way to consistently grow in B2B is to be better than very good. – Seth Godin

The B2B vs B2C debate is quite common in marketing and in particular how brand and marketing just isn’t as important in the B2B world. Certainly there are differences in approach between the two, but then there are differences between strategies for every organisation anyway.

Remember that whatever the nature of your business, a human being is the one who will make the purchasing decision and there are many others trying to get their message in front of them. Branding and marketing is there to help to start more conversations and to make getting your key messages across much easier.

At FLOCC, all of our projects start with a strategic understanding of the problem, clearly identifying the end customer and working out the right approach to add the most value to your business. We have experience and expertise in all types of marketing and the skill set within our integrated team to implement the strategy.

Top Tips for your B2B Marketing

  • A ‘business’ isn’t going to buy what you are selling a person is. The fundamentals of brand and marketing still very much apply.
  • Work out what makes you different – answer the ‘so what?’. Being the same as everyone else is just not enough.
  • If you think marketing can’t help you in anyway, think again. Even in small ways, marketing is part of everything you do, even if its as simple as attracting the brightest and best to work with you

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