Networking without Listening
—no thanks


“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” – Dalai Lama

Business networking can be a great way of meeting people, and, at the right events, of making some powerful and long-lasting connections.  Making the most of networking can be difficult for some people and, whilst humans are generally social beings, it is not really a natural situation – unless you make it so.

Networking is a long game and the most effective way to market your business at any event is simply to be yourself. Strange as it might be for an agency to say, there is absolutely no need to be branded up to the hilt with quick draw business cards in every pocket. Leave your sales pitch at the door, engage and most importantly, listen.

 At FLOCC we support organisations with their marketing through the full range of channels leaving you free to build effective relationships and connections in networking situations without the need for an elevator pitch. We put in the hours ourselves at events all over the place, so do feel free to come over and say hello.

 Top tips for effective networking

  • Choose the right events for you to be the most natural. There are many different formats and styles, and some will work better than others.
  • You may be lucky that the people you ‘market to’ attend events, but valuable connections can also be made with people three or four levels removed.
  • Don’t pitch, listen. Engage with the people there, interact, build relationships and be interested and the time to talk about your business will come.

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Get in touch to start a conversation, we are here to listen.