Parker's Tavern


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Parker’s Tavern Restaurant

Celebrating feasting at its finest

Set at the edge of the picturesque Parker’s Piece, Parker’s Tavern has been serving since about 1834. This delightful restaurant deserved an online performance to match its experience, so that’s what we have given them. By focusing on conversion optimisation for their existing website pages and introducing keywords and structure vital for SEO, we moved them up the search results. But it didn’t stop there…



In bounce rate overall following the optimisation of key organic and paid traffic. Customer intent and action has been a key factor in the Parker’s Tavern success story.

A Quick Change

During the pandemic, we created brand new campaigns and an online shop for Parker’s to deliver takeaway pieces and a gourmet drive-through restaurant service to keep their good name in the public’s mind. We are delighted to continue to support Parker’s in all aspects of their digital marketing and web presence.

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