Web Development , UX/UI


Dewsall is a venue like no other. Beautiful yet sustainable, it has everything you need, whether that’s for a wedding, party, corporate retreat or family escape. Nestled in the idyllic Herefordshire countryside the magic of Dewsall Court is palpable throughout every area of the house and land. But translating that magic onto a website to entice visitors who could live hours away was no easy feat. Finding the balance between being informative and SEO friendly and conveying the fairytale magic that can only be felt when immersed in the venue itself, was the highest priority.

Inspiration for the brand came from the owner's love of ink-blot artwork and a collaboration between our design team and the venue’s own graphic designer brought that vision to life. A customer journey that follows that story of Dewsall to bring visitors into finding a connection with the venue before they have even stepped foot on the grounds was achieved through highlighting the personal stories behind every thoughtful space. Imagery, of course, plays a huge role throughout the site and this ties in with the beautiful ink-blot butterflies and gentle animations to bring the pages to life. The result is a website with clear journeys for each audience, that always bring you back to the magic of Dewsall.

FLOCC have been great to work with, working with our designers and marketers to create a beautiful site that reflects our venue.