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For more than 900 years, Norwich Cathedral has held a sacred space in the city centre, welcoming pilgrims and sightseers alike. The most complete Norman Cathedral in England, the second tallest spire and one of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture in Europe, Norwich Cathedral is one of England’s finest Cathedrals. From the centuries old Cloisters, to the largest collection of mediaeval roof bosses in the world, it’s ancient architecture is filled with stories, and a website which reflects and tells these stories was a high priority. It was important to keep aspects of worship and worship through music front and centre on the website, however, while the Dean, Canons and wider team at the Cathedral are serious about their beliefs, faith and welcoming all to worship with them, they are also fun and innovative.

Working closely with the Cathedral team, we created a website that reflects the welcoming nature, gentle confidence and devotion to faith that is present throughout the cathedral and in all of the team members. The amazing architecture and the beauty of the Cathedral are captured and conveyed through the use of prominent imagery and video through the site and this goes a long way to achieving one of the Cathedral team's key goals - that whilst not every guest might believe, every guest should feel like they belong. The website now includes a simple and easy navigation allowing all of the different audiences (be that worshipers, visitors, tourists, learners, donors or anyone else) to find the information they need to make the most of the Cathedral online, as well as in person.