Web Development

A passion for sleek design and outstanding engineering weaves through every aspect of Tresca, even their name, which heralds from the venerable engineer Henri Tresca (whose failure criterion was used during the design phase). Creating bikes that are lightweight, aerodynamic, responsive and powerful is the Tresca team’s number one priority, so when they came to us to create a website that reflects their passion they knew they wanted an agency to understand their brand and help to make it shine.

An ordinary website wouldn’t have been enough for this high tech company, so back in 2016 we were tasked with implementing web development that wouldn’t become commonplace for a few more years. The aim was to create an online experience that reflected a visit to the store, with each aspect of the bike’s frames being highlighted and explained without too much clunky text or difficulty in use.

With the help of the Tresca team, we created a site which was best-in-class. The design reflects the sleek, angular frames of the bikes whilst the user journey takes us through the company’s mission, vision and into the product itself before suggesting purchase. The shop functionality is clear and clean, with all of the bikes customisations and features laid out simply for users to select before completing their purchase.