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"Single-mindedness is all very well in cows or baboons; in an animal claiming to belong to the same species as Shakespeare, it is simply disgraceful"

Aldous Huxley

Everyone by now has either heard of, or used a landing page… right? Unbounce, a leading landing page tool says “a landing page is a dedicated, campaign-specific webpage that drives visitors to complete a single marketing goal or call to action”, and most of the time this is what we see. But when you dig a little deeper and think differently, it turns out that this single minded approach, whilst useful, is not the only way of using the landing page concept.

Let's take a step back and think about what we are trying to achieve with a website, well in fact our overall digital marketing campaigns of which our website is just a part. There are two key aspects to digital campaigns; to get found and to create action, both of which need to work together or in reality we are wasting our energy.

On the surface, landing pages support us with this. They can be ‘found’ at the end of some form of marketing campaign, social post or PPC ad. Tuned correctly, they definitely help with creating action, in fact this is really their primary purpose. However most people see landing pages as throw away, short-lived items and not really part of an overall website.

One major problem is that by stripping away the unnecessary, distracting items to optimise for conversion, we lose many of the elements which support SEO to really be found longer term. PPC becomes expensive to maintain and landing pages miss out in favour of longer form content.

But what if we think differently? What if instead we see landing pages as something more permanent, in fact something which is the conversion element of the bigger picture of digital marketing. Built correctly, they can work in partnership with longer form content such as pillar and cluster pages and a core nucleus of brand specific pages.

The conceptual switch in thinking is seeing your website from the outside-in as a network of digital campaigns built around topic areas which lead down towards your brand. I can see quite a few nods of agreement and many people saying - “well that's just the marketing funnel”, or that's just “SEO intent”, but yet there are just as many websites which draw their site architecture from the homepage downwards and even more that still point their PPC campaigns to the homepage and cookie messages.

The first step in looking at this approach for your own website is to start with a pen and paper working from the outside-in. It may be useful to consider your services as your topics to start with, but you will often find it goes deeper quite quickly by thinking about the ‘why’ of your services and not the actual services themselves. In each case, lead your customers as soon as you can from ‘getting found’ to ‘creating action’ and begin the interactions with your people.

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