NOVI Bar + Kitchen


Branding, Identity, Illustration


NOVI Bar + Kitchen Brand

Creating a strong brand

Novi is a trendy cocktail bar and kitchen in Cambridge city centre where young professionals can enjoy botanical cocktails, vibrant brunches and sumptuous smoked BBQ dishes. Whilst the venue and experience hit the mark perfectly, the brand was in need of some simplification and refinement.

Straplines are Important

Our designers clarified the logo, including “Bar + Kitchen” beneath it to emphasise who Novi are and what they offer. The imagery chosen to compliment the brand always captures a moment in motion and uses a pop of colour against a blurred, darker background to depict the drinks, food or atmosphere. We have pulled this refreshed brand through the website, print materials and social media platforms, ensuring consistency and building trust.

The circular logo represents a stamp, reflecting the hand crafted, high quality food and drink available at Novi and giving it a stamp of authenticity.

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